Social Programme

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
18.00 Dinner with participants

If you happen to be in town already a day before, you can meet other seminar participants at The Plevna Brewery Pub and Restaurant. The restaurant, located in the historic surroundings of the Finlayson area, serves both continental meals and local specialties. Feel free to drop by just to taste the delicious beers made on the premises.

UPDATE! To find the tables reserved for us walk through the hall and turn right at the end of the bar.

Thursday, April 2, 2009
18:00 Get Together @ Department

All participants are invited to the seminar reception at the Department of Information Studies and Interactive Media (Pinni B building at the campus). Snacks, fruit and other finger food will be offered along with beverages, including wine and soft drinks. Mingle with your peers, take part in heated debates and challenge your colleagues to epic Guitar Hero matches.



    Nothing on Friday huh?

  2. frans replied:

    Usually there has been some self-organised activities in Friday night, among those participants that still stay over in Tampere. Feel free to discuss this during Thursday and Friday!

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